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Publication: Compact Equipment
Title: Picking the Correct Cutter System
Dig with Efficiency — Match Your Trencher Chain to Your Attachment and Application Author: Tim Passon

At first glance, all trencher chains might look pretty much alike. They all boast round rollers, round pins, bushings and rectangular side plates made of steel. But when it comes to choosing a chain for your compact trencher attachment, not all chains are created equally......
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Publication: Trenchless Technology
Knowing Your Drill Pipe
The three main drill pipe manufacturing processes, as well as how to get optimum performance from your pipe are presented.
Author: Mike Burns

Quality drill pipe plays a major role in the success of any HDD bore. Drill pipe is the most expensive wear part affiliated with an HDD rig. To make sure you are getting the most out of your investment, you should know the differences in the three main types of drill pipe manufacturing processes, as well as easy day-to-day tips to get the most shots out of your drill string.......
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Proper Trencher Chain Maintenance

Publication: Pipeline and Gas Technology Magazine
Proper Trencher Chain Maintenance: An Essential Part of Profitability
Author: Tim Passon

Chain-type trenchers range in size from pedestrian trenchers with a gross engine horsepower of 5 hp, to ride on, rubber tire utility-type trenchers with engine horsepower from 35 to 125 hp. Then you have pipeline digging, track trenchers with horsepower ranging from 300 hp all the way up to 1600 hp. For any type of trencher, chain maintenance is.......
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Tim Passion, Publication: Trenchless Technology
UTI Offers a Diverse Product Portfolio to Meet Demanding Project Needs
Author: Pam Stask

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